Start A blog Like This Today

At Brosmei, we can help you come up with a website like this. The list below are what you need to do to start a blog of your own right away.

1. Buy a domain. $12

2. Host your domain: $11.5 / month. I want you to know that paying monthly is better than paying huge amount of money at once to host your website.

If you want to host it monthly thid site makes it easier and you can take up the advantage.

The reason why most people procastinate in starting a blog is that modt people doesn’t have the money to pay at once because mldt platforms will requedt above $100 to host your website.

3. Design the website.

4. Write your content yourself or use freelancer for the write up or contact us at Brosmei to handle everything for you from start to finish.

5. Drag traffic to your website

6. Set up a google adsence account.
7. Make money on your blog.

8. Enjoy your self.
Let me know in the comment section below what you think. Ate you ready to start your making money online blog?