Binary Option / Strategies

Here you will be exposed to different strategies you can use on binary options. However, it’s not an investment advice.

Binary Option Trading is one of the best ways to make money through trading provided you have the right skills and strategies in place. This is the very purpose of writing this blog which lead you to ebook containing the strategies.

All you need to do is to read, understand and apply.
The strategies works on all binary option trading platforms. Make sure you don’t only take the strategies but also consider the advice given.

The set of strategies works well on
Iq Options, Binomo, Ayrex,, Highlow, Olymp Trade,, Binary Mate, e.t.c. These are binary option trading broker platforms. There are several binary option trading platforms, some are not allowed in some countries.

You must find out those binary option trading platforms that works best and REGULATED in your country.

In Nigeria here, Iq options, Binomo, Ayrex and some others are one of
the binary trading brokers that are allow in Nigeria to trade

However, I prefer Iq option to other because it allows
immediate bank card deposit and withdraw to same card. However,
you can only withdraw the amount you deposited back to your bank
account and withdraw the rest to the E-wallet like skrill, bitcoin and the rest.

You can get the set of strategies in this ebook. Click this link to download the ebook.

  1. Things To Avoid Before Funding Your.

a. Never fund your account with Naira if you are from Nigeria except
if you want to trade on iq option, as you may have issues when you
want to withdraw your money on most binary option sites.

b. The best way to fund your account is through Money web, Bitcoin deposit in most cases depending on your preferred broker which will be converted to dollar or Naira or pounds depending on your preferred currency for trading and your location.

c. Try to practice on the demo account and note what works best for you like the best asset to trade and the best time to trade. (Note them down). However, I have done the work for you. Just follow my step by step guide in the ebook at the end of this write up.

When it comes to trading never invest all you have at once except if you are a professional trader, Professionals said that is good you invest 10% of what you have in your account on each trading and increase gradually.

Well. I agree with this. What I do when it comes to trading is that assuming I have $1,000 in my account, I will invest $100 on the first trade, 2nd trade I will invest $200, 3rd trade I will invest $400 or $500 using the strategies and not just guessing or following chart movements.

It has been verified that it’s not possible to lose all the three investments.
It’s either; we win ALL the three trades or win 2 of the trades or win the last one.
This is an important strategy to take note in terms of investment portion.

2. Best Time To Trade
It has been realized that the best days and time of the day to trade are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays between the hour of 9am to 5pm and the evening by 8pm to 10pm. Likewise, on Friday between 8am and 11:59am. I will never encourage you to trade during weekends.

These are the days and time you will often see the uniform charts you can trade on because we try as much AS POSSIBLE TO AVOID IRREGULAR CHARTS.

3. Days To Avoid For Trading
These are the days you must avoid trading. Avoid trading on Fridays
12pm and above and weekend except if you are trading OTC on Iq

These are the days that most markets are closed however,
Binomo is always open but avoid trading on weekend because the
uniform charts we use for trading are often seen when the market is
busy. It is very important you follow this advice, if not you will
complain that the strategies provided are not working yet you traded against the market.

Avoid trading anytime you wish, it’s very bad because you will lose all your money on the market.

4. Configuration of Iq Option Platform : The configuration of the platform is all you need to be successful in trading. Once you configure it then follow the set of strategies in this ebook to be successful on Iq Option on any other Binary Option Trading platform that you prefare.

You can get the set of strategies in this ebook. All you need to do is to send mail to me here